Sex offenders living in Sunset are required to register with the Police department.

Registration requirements:

An offender who is required to register under Utah Code Annotated 77-27-21.5;
  • Shall register every year during the month of the offender's birth, during the month that is the sixth month after the offender's birth month, and also within three business days of every change of the offender's primary residence, any secondary residences, place of employment, vehicle information, or educational information required to be submitted.
  • Complete laws mandating the registration of sex offenders in the state of Utah can be found at the following link:
  • To search for an offender in your neighborhood click on the Utah Department of Corrections link:

There is a $25.00 yearly registration fee (legislation as of May 11, 2010) that must be paid to Sunset City. This fee is in addition to the State fee of $100.00, paid to the Utah Department of Corrections. All fees are due the same month as your birthday.